Northern Wildwoods Basswood carving blocks and Diamond Willow Sticks

Diamond Willow Sticks

From the Great Northwoods of Minnesota to you.

Diamond Willow Sticks for sale for canes, walking sticks, hiking sticks, and other wood crafts.

Diamond Willow is a small tree or shrub which forms beautiful diamond shaped cankers at branch sites infected with various fungi. Diamond Willow sticks are irregular and one of a kind, used by wood carvers and wood workers to create Diamond Willow walking sticks, hiking sticks, canes, furniture, railings, table lamp bases and used for other wood crafts.

These Diamond Willow sticks are harvested by us in the north woods of Minnesota. We are particular about the willow sticks we harvest, ensuring adequate diamond supply and good form to each stick harvested.

All Diamond Willow sticks are stripped of their outer bark and are air dried for 6 months or more.

We provide the rough stock with some inner bark remaining and the diamonds untouched, leaving you more flexibility to carve the diamonds and finish the stick to your personal preference.

We offer our Diamond Willow sticks unfinished only.

Harvesting Northern Wildwoods Diamond Willow sticks

Diamond Willow for 2019 season is drying and will only be available intermittently as it dries. Prices and contact information will be updated when Diamond Willow Sticks are available. If you have ordered in the past, feel free to call or email us.

Diamond Willow Sticks sold at Northern Wildwoods in Northern Minnesota
Diamond Willow Sticks sold at Northern Wildwoods in Northern Minnesota